Vosrite Fishing Angling Club – Kingfisher Competition 1

Our Records Officer for Team Kingfisher – Charles Holloway wrote the blog for their first competition. I’m just posting it here. Thank you Charles, much appreciated. And here it is:

“The day has finally arrived after the long wait… The day of our first competition at Vosrite Fishing Adventures. And believe me, it was worth the wait.  After several hours of planning and preparing, Team Kingfisher’s 1st competition finally kicked off on the 8th of Feb 2020.

All participants for the competition, 5 members and 3 visitors, came together at Manapools camp site the Friday evening where we introduced ourselves, assembled our camp areas and had our first meeting. You can see the hunger to fish in each one as we couldn’t wait for the competition to start, even though rain was predicted for Saturday.

The competitors

Anglers competing for our first Team Kingfisher competition was Gerhard van Devender, Lourens van Devender, Andre Langeveldt, Dylan Venter, Charles Holloway and our three visitors Johan-, Isabel- and JJ van Vuuren.

Nice prizes were up for grabs: R300 for the most points, R300 for the heaviest 3+ species, R200 for the heaviest Big Mouth Yellow fish, R800 for the Mystery pool fish, as well as a fish box hamper sponsored by Shaun Rush Angling.

After we had our meeting, we had a braai and had a lovely dinner of meat, pap and sauce prepared by our team leader, Gerhard van Deventer. We gathered around the fire and learned a bit more about our new fishing friends and shared some jokes and had a few laughs. We couldn’t wait to start fishing and decided to go to bed early so we can start the competition day early and refreshed.

The next morning at 5:00am we were all up and ready for the big day… But first we had some much needed coffee. We started preparing our fishing gear and at 6:30am we gathered around for the Mystery pool fish draw.

Gerhard came up with the brilliant idea handing out 5 ping-pong balls. Four of these balls had a fish species written on them and 1 was blank. The person who draws the blank ball can nominate one of the others to reveal the fish species for the mystery pool. In our case, Andre drew the blank ball and nominated JJ, whom revealed our mystery pool fish as the small mouth yellow fish. We all realized this was going to be a huge challenge but we’re up for it.

As the clock stroke 7:00 am Team Leader Gerhard announced that its time and everyone got their fishing lines into the water. The rain started drizzling as everyone’s attention was focused on their policemen. First half hour passed, and no one got a bite yet and then it started…

I had the first reel run as I rushed to strike my rod. FISH ON!! I caught a nice 3.69kg Catfish, but minutes later Gerhard had his first bite and caught a bigger Catfish weighing 3.83kg. The competition was on and it started raining harder. Soon we were all soaking wet as we worked hard for our fish. I could quickly pick up that most of us had a similar game plan with one rod deep and one rod shallow to target the muddies and yellows, especially since both the big mouth and small mouth yellow fish were part of the challenge for a prize

Another hour went by and I finally caught the first carp of our competition weighing at 6.15kg. Soon their after I caught a smaller carp of 2.98kg followed with a muddy of 1.04kg. As normal, my father-in-law, Andre, showed me it’s not over yet as he caught his first carp of 7.75kg. Lourens answered back with a 1.35kg muddy followed by another big carp of 7.61kg. The rain kept on coming down harder, but it didn’t slow us down as we kept on fishing. Gerhard caught a couple more Catfish of 2.48kg and 1.89kg with Andre also landing his first Catfish of 1.10kg.

Noon came closer and 4 anglers still waited for their first fish. The rain calmed down and it looked like we can expect a nice warm afternoon. Isabel proved she is still in the game when she landed her first Catfish of 1.11kg. I myself caught another carp of 4.71kg, followed by 2 muddies of 1.59kg and 1.50kg. Lourens got another bite and landed a smaller Catfish of 0.37kg. I also caught 2 small Catfish of 0.29kg and 0.25kg and thought “where is the bigger fish now”. Lourens accepted the challenge and quickly caught a nice 5.20kg Catfish, followed by Andre catching a 2.56kg Catfish. Still no yellow’s coming out and the sun was drying our campsite nicely while 3 anglers still waiting for their first fish.

Finally, Lourens caught the first small mouth yellow fish for the day of 0.22kg. Its too small to count for points but still is the biggest one so far and he is ahead for the mystery pool prize. JJ broke the ice as he caught his first Catfish of 2.52kg followed by a bigger Catfish of 6.89kg. I caught the second small mouth yellow fish but was way too small and Lourens is still in the lead for the mystery pool prize. Gerhard is now catching up nicely as he is catching Catfish one after another weighting 5.95kg, 2.38kg, 1.73kg and 2.13kg. JJ hits back with the biggest Catfish so far of 8.61kg. Its also his new PB and as tradition he gets dunked with a bucket of ice-cold water. Isabel caught another Catfish of 1.82kg while Johan started preparations for supper.

I caught another muddy of 1.61kg while Gerhard continues to bring in the Catfish of 2.56kg and 3.25kg. Gerhard caught his first Carp of 4.05kg followed by a 4.45kg carp and another Catfish of 3.38kg. Andre caught another Catfish of 1.23kg. Dylan caught his first fish, another small mouth yellow fish. Unfortunately, it’s too small and couldn’t count, its also still smaller than Lourens’s yellow fish and he’s still in the lead for that mystery pool prize.

I got another big reel run but this time the fish didn’t want to come out and had to go after it with the rubber duck. I was unsuccessful though as my line snapped while fighting the fish in the middle of the river. Its dinner time and Johan cooked us a lovely Sheba stew with garlic bread and it was truly amazing. After lunch Gerhard yet again continued to bring in the Catfish as he caught another 4.67kg. I caught another carp of 4.80kg while JJ caught another Catfish of 2.74kg.

Everyone is getting tired now as we had a day of hard work and good fishing, but it’s not going to stop us as we continued fishing. Dylan is on with another fish but again it’s too small to count. Gerhard has a reel run and landed another lovely carp of 7.88kg. Dylan caught another one, again too small as he released it back into the water. Gerhard caught another 2 Catfish of3.32kg and 2.08kg as the competition came to an end. Soon Gerhard announced the end as the clock struck 11:00pm. What a day. Everyone is tired and most decided to pull out their lines and go to bed. Andre decided to continue fishing although the fish doesn’t count due to the competition that already ended. Murphy’s law… he caught 3 beauties in the early morning hours, 2 carps of 7.42kg and 7.53kg and a Catfish. Johan’s magnum reel also finally ran with a lovely Catfish but unfortunately it was too late and couldn’t count for the competition.

Check that smile 😀

The Sunday morning everyone slowly woke up at about 6:30am. The kettle was started for some coffee and we calculated the results while me and Andre cooked some breakfast. Stats and other results of the competition are posted below.”

What worked for us?

“Gerhard caught his Catfish with Pineapple Tigernuts, Spiderman Tigernuts, Sweetcorn Tigernuts, Almond Tigernuts, and Tutti-frutti Tigernuts. His carps were caught with Sweetcorn Tigernuts with sweetcorn dip on the ball.

I caught most of my fish with SRA Banana floats, with SRA Banana and SRA Garlic dips on the ball. I also caught 1 carp and 1 Catfish with maggots.

Lourens caught his 7.6kg carp with garlic float and dough backing, with Conoflex white raptor and trac dip on the ball. His Catfish was caught with floaties with Paint and Kiana on the ball.”

Our Winners

Most points for the day was Gerhard (16 fish) with 517.05 points, I came in second place (11 fish) with 403.65 points and Lourens came in third place (4 fish) with 164.20 points.
In the 3+ species category Lourens came in first place as he caught 3 species weighing 14.16kg. I came second place with also 3 species weighing 11.45kg.
No big mouth yellow fish were caught which means the prize will be carried over to the next competition.  Lourens also won the mystery pool prize as he caught the biggest small mouth yellow fish of 0.22kg.
The SRA hamper went to Johan as a consolation prize for no fish being caught but he decided to hand it over to Dylan as he had bad luck catching 3 fish that couldn’t count.

Well done to all winners and all anglers competing in Team Kingfisher’s first competition. We all can’t wait for our next competition as its going to be even more exciting than the first one.”


“Thank you for each and everyone making the competition a huge success. Special Thanks to Henning Vosloo and Johan Fourie for creating this awesome club and allowing us to be part of it. Also special Thanks to Shaun Rush from SRA for sponsoring us with the SRA hamper.”

The competition stats

Biggest catches for the weekend

Team Kingfisher yearly points

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