The Maiden Voyage

As a young boy I was lucky enough to be introduced to fishing by my Father, a good 19 years ago .

Way back then when fishing was basic , none of these funny gadgets that presumably make you catch more fish today.

It was a basic feed mix and either a custard mielie or a strawberry mielie and there you have it , a fish was in the net .

Today you have Ronnie Rig this , critically balanced bait that fishing has become a scientific-art .

But nevertheless time next to the water still gives me that same kick it gave my young mind years back.I have grown as a angler in multiple facets of fishing .My main focus being Specimen carp angling  but , other facets as well including ;

  • Conventional/social Carp Angling
  • Fly Fishing
  • Artlure fishing

I will be using this blog to promote my fishing journey , and hopefully teach what I know to others starting out their fishing journeys .

May the fish gods be with you , always .

Vaal river bar of gold

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