I want to go camping….Basic’s of what to take with when going camping…. for beginners

Camping 101 – Beginners

Camping is surely one of the best getaway’s to go away from your everyday routine in the city’s and can be the best way of relaxing for a few days but it can also be the worst time of your life if you do not go prepared…

Who can relate that when you did your first camping trip how many things you realized that you still have to get yourself to make the camping trip one to remember…?

Hopefully this blog will help the newbies a little to make their first camping trip the trip to remember and not a bad trip that you will never go camping again….

All over the net you will get camping lists that you can download and then when you go camping you will pack the correct items according to the list… You can make your own list and do not have to use the ready available lists on the net as they have items on that I have not even heard off.

So lets start with our own basic list to pack…..


This is most important as this will be your shelter for the duration of your camping trip. You will see that there are so many different tents on the market… Small, medium, big, Extra rooms and so on. The choice is yours at the end of the day. With tents with an extra room is very helpful as you can use it for storage and kitchen area but if you have a small tent like the one in the photo then you can get yourself a gazebo. Make sure that the tent is waterproof and big enough for the amount of people that will sleep in the tent….


What you get to sleep on is just as important as this can cause that you do not get a good night sleep in and that you will be more tired going back home than when you arrived at the campsite…

Again there is so many to choose from and you must get yourself what will work for you. Just be careful with the air mattresses as they tend to go flat on you during the night…


This will be your choice what you want to use… You can get sleeping bags or just take blankets to use as bedding…


 Chairs is always welcome as it is not pleasant to sit on the ground the whole time. Again so many to choose from and on the end of the day it will be what is most comfortable for you. You can go for low budget chairs but you will have to replace them more often so rather spend a little more and buy good quality chairs that will last you for years.


Tables is a must as it is not nice working on the ground when preparing food or making coffee so choose compact tables above big tables.. Rather get yourself 2 or 3 small tables than 1 large table.


The following items you will need for the kitchen/food part of your camping trip…

Plates, Cups, Cutlery sets, Kettle, Potjie (if you are a potjie fan), Small gas stove or one that fits on a gas bottle and the a Scottlebraai. Again this is just suggested items as you will need something to make boiling water and to make food on. Use your everyday items at home when you go camping as you know what you want to use in the kitchen department…. Remember the can opener as this is one of the items most forgotten when packing for camping.


 You get a lot of different lights to use for camping. LED’s these days works the best as they do not use a lot of power. Also the camping lights comes with build in solar panels to charge the lights during the day. Also available on the market is light sets that includes lights, cables and solar chargers. Some of your camping sites do have power at the camps so make sure to find out when you book a camping site if they have power available.. You can get yourself a small generator to supply you with power but the generators are noisy and may upset your neighbors.  Gas is also a good option.

The list can go on and on but these 7 points will be a starter for you to use. Below you can download the camping list provided by Campworld. This will also help you to get your camping gear ready for the best camping trip every time….


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